Game remastering – good or evil?

Hello guys, have you noticed lot of the games with the adjunct of Remastered, HD and so on? Is this the phenomenon of the modern game development or is this something that is with us for years? Is this something we should be worried about? Is this the sign that the gaming industry is walking in the circles?

Let’s try to have a look in the past, present and check something behind. For the first question – yes it is the phenomenon of the last few years, just check some games database and search for the remaster and/or HD. You will see yourself that there are just few games that are older than 4-5 years. And no this was not done in the past, because there was no reason to do so. You will see later on why.

grim fandango remastered

But guys, be aware that the REMAKE and REMASTER are two different approaches and two different words. Remake usually means to do major improvements to the original game – new design of levels, new characters, new gameplay. It is usually something like a new game. On the other hand remaster means minor changes, better graphics, better textures. Sometimes there is packed with some DLC.

homeworld remastered

Why is it so? When the new generation of consoles is introduced, there is always lack of games on the market. Well, to be honest, there is nothing to be played on new hardware. But do you remember the PS2 and PS3? They came with the backwards compatibility with the previous PS generation. And that was something that can’t be done with PS4 as it is completely new architecture. So what will you be playing on the next-gen, sorry current-gen? And what if you sold your PS3 and the game you want is available only on PS3? The next thing is that the old games which were perfect is a problem to run on the nowadays computers. There are some tools like DOSbox that can help, but lot of people would like to have the game running natively and in new graphics on theirs PC, PS4, xbox one or whatever hardware they have.

The gamers are getting older – this is just truth – the first commercial game is 43 years old this year. It was released in 1972 by Ralph Baer – Magnavox Oddysey. And the factor of nostalgia is getting stronger as our fathers that grown up in 80’s want to play their favorite games. And this also waits for us in the future.

The Last of Us Remastered

In any case, the remaster is not so easy as it looks and salute to the developers that make the perfect remakes not created for pure profit. Lot of times it happens that there are no original source codes available.

Parallel to the movie industry – in the first decades there was no need for remakes or remasters. This came with the age of the industry. As a conclusion I can say that the good remake that makes sense and brings the old game in new clothes to us and to our generation is not walking in circles, just a need.

Tapped Out Hack – Best Cartoon Game Ever

Today i would like to write a bit about my favourite game, which i’m playing online with my kids and it’s Simpsons Tapped Ou Hack. Before i will start, i would like to share this GamerBounty tool. You will undertsand later on, how it will help you.

Tapped Out Hack Review

Tapped Out Hack game has very nice story behind it – Homer is working in Springfield nuclear plant and as usually, he cause kind of issue. Then meltdown has started and all springfield was totally damaged. Now Hommer needs rebuild all Tapped Out Springfield city from the scratch.

Story of this game is really nice, but now we will move to review. Game has really fantastic graphics, sounds effect and also music. Tapped Out Hack is excellent to be played on mobile devices and also tables. This game is easy to understand, all levels all clean and you still know what to do to reach the next level.

Another topic is, that Tapped Out Hack is online playing game and all your friends can help you to build up better Springfield. Such interaction in this game is really wonderfull. You can ask you friends for help, for money or for donuts.

Next very excellent feature is , that developer of Tapped Out is releasing level based on real life events. Then you have new Xmass levels, black friday levels, Heloween levels and so on. This i never saw in any game, as those level are update very often. This makes Tapped Out game really wonderfull, as it’s still fresh and you need to buy it only once and all other level upgrades are for free.

Finally i can say, this is one of the best games every. And if you love Simpsons cartoons, then you will enjoy it in same way as me and my kids. You will play it daily for couple of minutes and due to new levels released very often, game will never get bored and you will never forget to check your Tapped Out Hack application, what is new this week.

source: EA Homepage

Shadow fight 2 review

Today I will talk about the game from Nekki developers. Game model is freemium, so here is something for you – Shadow fight 2 hack This is role playing game about fighting and you can play it on your smartphone – either iOS or Android. And this time it was released for both platforms at the same date – in May 2014, so it is rather new game. Official statement says it is a sequel to the facebook’s game Facebook smash hit. So let’s see if they succeeded to combine RPG and fight game.

shadow_fight2Is there a storyline in this game or is it pure action? Yes, there is a storyline – off course the main character is the warrior, who once was wandering the land and looking for the good fight. But as it uses to be, he hear about something that was more interesting and as it uses to be he came and discovered The gates of Shadows. What was after it is a usual story. He broke the law of the Elders and did something nasty. Do not look behind the forbidden doors! No, he must saw what is behind them. Mistake as in many C grade movies :D Behind the doors were the demons, demons not from this world and he freed them. As a reward he lost the soul, flesh and he was turned into the shadow. So this is that ‘shadow’. And he is doomed of course and needs to undo the things he done, so he is wandering the land once again and he fights the demons. That demons he freed up. And he must fight all the ones he made free, so he will save the world. But he will not regain his body again. Even not in case he will win. This is quite chinese where the arrogance made something bad and was punished. In that case we cannot find it C grade, but I am taking it one grade up to the B. This is how the game looks like when you are playing it:

In the beginning you are starting with 3 main controls: movement, kick and punch. Later on the range weapons and magic will be added. There are 6 levels of this game and in each one you will find the demon you need to defeat before moving on in the game. And it is not that easy as each daemon has some companions, which act as the guard of him and you need to get rid of them before approaching the main boss. Also as this is RPG you will have weapons, helmets, armors, range weapons and magic. And you need to combine them to be successful.

You can install the game for free, but please be aware of the in-app purchases. You can use the link above to test if it is still working and report back to me via the comments. So this will be all for today and I wish you long, honest and the most spectacular battle to begin! Let the strength be with you guys!

Testing the Mac-Os for new-age adventure games

Testing the Mac Os for new-age adventure games

Since 1984, Apple has been trying to compete with windows to garner its share of game players. The first version of Arcade-Boot-Camp brought cheers to the Mac users. Today, Mac-systems equipped with Intel processors offer highly sophisticated games with 2.7 GHZ processor and HD quality display. The Mac games have improvised a lot and offer a healthy competition to the windows based games of today. The Macbook series are offering highest-quality online and offline games which are compatible with windows based games. The “Hitman” game for Mac, which resembles more like based on an original Hollywood thriller, offers real thrilling effects. Of course, the players who are used to playing on windows may find it a bit odd to work with a different ball-game on Mac initially. But the more you play on Mac, the better your experience becomes.


You might be surprised how many games there are for Mac. Here is one list of many from wikipedia.

The MacPro 2013 offers a high grade series of games which are high in action. The Xenon processor with dual CPU is making things really happen. The new age users are finding games like the “enemy unknown” pretty interesting and adventurous in nature. The pro 2013 is fitted with a 3.7 GHZ Core-i5 processor and 8 GB RAM.

  1. You can use the accessories which windows platform supports, like the Joystick, remote sensors and other high-tech gadgets

  2. Mac Os seems much less prone to virus attacks, hence the downloading of Mac games seems to be much safer compared to the windows versions

  3. It is possible to connect Mac Os with windows bases systems for sharing the games and playing across cross-platform for all the internet based games

  4. The online support for the patches and update is currently available from many free and paid sites which is fast becoming affordable to all sections of computer users


The gaming interface has also changed on the Mac-OS compared to its earlier versions. Today, you can observe a lot of gaming experts turning their attention to the Mac OS players. Hence the interfaces which once looked dull and monotonous are fast giving way to

  1. Depth-full views even in 2D games. You are able to experience the break free “frame to frame” movements. The earlier versions of Mac games had a lot of breaks when playing high-end games. It felt as though you were playing the game in slow motion. But today, thanks to the fast pace of progress, the gaming is much easier

  2. Of course, windows offers much more options compared to Mac. you can find about 60-70% of the games are windows OS concentrated

The “Team Fortress” game is one of the Mac-OS games which are simple, yet absorbing. You will be able to play it with your friends over the internet. It gets loaded quickly and is easily downloadable also. If you are interested, here is the review of Team Fortress from macworld.

The “world of warcraft” is another and quite innovative. Here, you are able to add your own characters into the RPG game, define their characteristics and role, the way these characters are going to interact during the game and so on.

Since the number of workstations and systems running on this OS are comparatively less, the impact of Mac OS will take some more time to get established to the maximum extent.

And one more video which will say more than 1000 words:

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Castle Clash review and cheats

Today I will be writing about a favourite online game, played by millions. It’s name is in the title of this article and we will start non traditionally with the cheats section. Everybody wants to win, but there are people who like to cheat to show themselves. If you are one of them you might be in temptation to use the tool like this: castle clash hack . You might give it a try, some of my friends reported it is working, however I am not a big fan of this. Instead of this read this review with some tips I will give you and study the tactics, it will give you more than cheating.


What is the Castle clash game like? It is a base building strategy, which is not innovative much, and in fact it draw inspiration from other games. Well, I noticed it was inspired by Clash of clans and/or Jungle heat. What to say to this? It is common nowadays that there are ripoffs of the most successful games. This game is about building bases, researching, gathering resources, building your own powerful armies and attacking enemies with them. Usual strategy theme, isn’t it? Finally strategies are being spread among the masses and casual players, which is good!

The game starts with a short tutorial, which will teach you just basics. Then there is a single player and multiplayer. Almost everybody wants to hop into the multiplayer as soon as possible and are avoiding the single player. What a shame! Here is tip for you – single player is very important. Why? Because it will teach you much more than the tutorial and especially it will allow you to learn strategy by attacking the pre-built bases. Also you will learn how to build up your own base and how that all is working. You will be upgrading buildings, building army and attacking. Also defence is important and you will see what will bad design of your base cause. Nothing good believe me. Next tip: search for the base building strategy or defence strategy on google and test these strategies. Once you will find one you are all right with, don’t be afraid and adapt it to your purposes. Be creative.


Once you think you are experienced enough, start the multiplayer. Well, multiplayer is what makes this game so popular. You will compete with the better strategist here than you are. But do not worry, you can learn and evolve, just if you play with the best of bests, not the other way.  You can start with the attacking the low-level players, it is cheap, but it might help you to power up. Well the fights are not very good done in this game, but on the other hand I kind like to play it even with its mistakes. Another tip is to use the resources wisely and think in long terms. Don’t forget to use the heroes magic!

This will be the end of article, where I tried to give you introduction to game and provide some useful tips for the new players. Few last words: grow and learn your tactics instead of using just one and you will avoid stagnation!