Warcraft 2 – old version supporting battle.net & how to play on Windows 8

Hi all,
I remember a times when i was kid. I was playing Prince of Persia, then Warcraft 1, Command and Conquer first version and similar games. Until now, i had the feeling, those games are somehow “lost” and nobody remembers them. Usually they don’t have fantastic graphic, on another side such games was working on my 486 and it was really good, running without any lags.

During my walktrough the shopping center, i spended couple of minutes in game shop and what i have discover ? Warcraft 2 is still alive ! For 5$ i bought a CD edition from 1999 with original CD-KEY which allows me to play one battle.net – awesome !

warcraft 2 battle net

I came at home and I immediately entered a CD into my machine ( with Windows 8 ) and guess what ?  Nothing :) . Everything was good and i had no issues with installation. But after installation i have seen following error, which was barrier to immediately start playing.


Great… What to do now ?

Started googling and finally found out solution.

How to recover from this error during Warcraft 2 installation ?

After spending a time on blizzard homepage, i have found, that they release a registry fix for Windows 8.

You can download them from their website, or over links i have provided below.

http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war2/war2BNE_x64.reg (64-bit Win8)
http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/war2/war2BNE_x86.reg (32-bit)

Please before downloading and applying ensure you are using 32 or 64 bit version of your Windows.

Once i downloaded, i just clicked on that file, windows asked me if i want to import registry settings i clicked yes and issue was resolved at all.

So how game looks ? It’s still like game from 1999,  but anyway running correctly. Graphic is not so impresive as a new games, but i love this games and i think my friends will love it also.

Here a simple screen, do you remember ? :)


What is major difference between Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 2 battle-net edition ?

Well, i will just write you what i can see, especially:

1. Battle-net edition – you can play with your friends over battle-net server, but you are limited with 8 players on one map

2. Assigning a group of soldiers with key # + number

3. Space bar is centering map now, anytime you press space bar it will go into center of map

4. Unit Patrol is now working good, it doesn’t stop once they see enemy and fight with them. Once enemy is killed, they will continue patrol on previously defined zone

5. New sounds have been added

6. First town hall is now builded very quickly, i can compare it to farm build

Are you going to buy it ?

Well, i was just lucky that i have bought full cd. Anyway, if i look for “stock” CD game, i can’t find it out. But if you’re very interested in this nice and old game, you can go and order this game on STEAM for same price. I would preffer online steam version, only due to fact, you still can download iso and had a backup.

So what is result ?

It was very nice to thing about the pass and remember how i played this game and how many days i spended my time in computer gaming. I remember those sounds and every level which i wasn’t be able to pass. But tell to true, this game is already gone and mostly nobody remember it.

Suprised from battle-net ?

Yeah, i was suprised. I connected to battle net and i found around 6 thousands players which were waiting for opponent players there, which definitely means – WARCRAFT 2 ISN’T A DEAD !

That’s all for today. Stay tuned, more posts will come soon :)